Tuesday, March 24, 2015

After sexual exploitation conviction, Prince Albert teacher McLachlan not fighting sanctions

Teacher Bonnie McLachlan
A Prince Albert teacher convicted of sexually exploiting a 15-year-old student is not fighting to keep her teaching certificate.

At a hearing on Tuesday in Saskatoon to decide Bonnie McLachlan’s professional fate, a lawyer for the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) said the former teacher knows her credentials are at risk.

“She does not oppose any steps that the minister of (education) may decide to take,” STF lawyer Dennis Fisher said during the hearing in front of an STF ethics committee.

In 2013, a jury convicted McLachlan — now in her mid-50s — of sexually exploiting a 15-year-old student in the 1990s. The man, now in his 30s, came forward to police in 2010 about his sexual relationship with McLachlan during the 1993-94 school year.  (more...)

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  1. Jasper Workman ,should own his lies and manipulative ,behaviour ,He lied twice on the stand ,In cross examination ,in the trial ,It really sad when innocent people like Bonnie Mclachlan have there life ruined ,by some one who thinks he should get money ,first trial ,he friend said he was out to black male ,and wanted no part if it .He even named his first kid after Bonnie son ,and you honestly think if that actually happened ,he want any memories of that ,wow ,I guess that gies to show innocent people do have there lives ruined by some one who thinks they deserve ,what the residential schools got ,because of there status . Just saying