Monday, March 30, 2015

Want to preview Ontario's sex education in the classroom? Check out the Chicago Public Schools experience

If Ontario parents want to know what the sex education may look like once it gets to the classroom, they should seriously consider what has already happened in Chicago Public Schools.

Last year some parents in Chicago were shocked when they found out the kind of explicit sex information their children would get in grade 5 classrooms. The contents of the program included female condoms and how to extend sex and increase pleasure by using lubrication. Parents who became aware of the graphic content were shocked that this age inappropriate curriculum was even developed.

It’s one thing to present accurate sexual information and quite another to stir the curiosity of innocent children about sexual gratification. When this incident happened, the Chicago School Board representatives were quick to do damage control saying that the sexual resources were never meant for elementary classrooms. It was all a mistake. But the unanswered question is this: why were they there in first place? They were there because that's the content they were going to teach children if parents had not discovered the inappropriate curriculum contents.  (more...)

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