Saturday, March 14, 2015

If Ontario were Premier Wynne's classroom, she should get an F for failure

If Ontario were Premier Kathleen Wynne's classroom, and her lesson plan was to teach about the implementation of a proper sex education curriculum, she should be graded an F for failure. No teacher could manage to have a lesson plan that creates so much controversy, resentment and conflict and then hope to successfully teach anything to the students. Where is that positive learning environment that Wynne and Sandals talk so much about, where acceptance, safety and input among all participants is created and welcomed? It's much easier to have bureaucrats write documents and policies and force Ontarians to accept them. And when citizens/students complain, like a good authoritarian teacher threaten them low grades, tell them you mark the exam and fill out the report cards. In short, remind everyone that you're the government in power. So, whether the citizens approve or not approve the sex education curriculum is to be implemented this fall.  (more...)

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