Saturday, March 14, 2015

Premier Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum shows the problem of one-size-fits-all education

This is what a perpetual adolescent looks like
Imposing a controversial sex-ed curriculum on Ontario students is particularly unfair for parents, compared to most other Canadian provinces.

Unlike in other Canadian jurisdictions, Ontario parents and students have no real choice on the issue.

But there’s a solution to this and so many other problems with Ontario’s flawed education system.

That solution is school choice.

Parents in Ontario have been dealt an unfair hand.

Unless you’re rich, your kids are almost always going to attend the public school in your area.

Wealthy families can afford to send their kids wherever they choose.

Ontarians of French or Catholic heritage can send their children to publicly-funded French or Catholic schools.

But the rest of us — that is to say, most of us — have nothing. No other alternatives. Bubkes.  (more...)

Luv is never having to say you're responsible.

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