Sunday, November 16, 2014

Westminster 'paedophile ring': now where does the investigation go?

Both MPs were brutal,” says “Nick”, in his account of being abused as an 11-year-old by two Conservative politicians. “I was raped over a bathtub, while my head was submerged beneath the water. One [MP] attempted to get me to beat another boy with a baton. I refused, and was physically and sexually punished for it.”

Another alleged victim was 13 when an MP took him to a “dinner party” for about a dozen people in the same block of flats. “There were a mixture of boys and girls, aged between 13 and 15,” he said. “They would put a porn film on when things would calm down. It took a few minutes or so, and then they would feel you.” He was raped, he said, in one of the bedrooms.

Both men, speaking to the Exaro News website, were describing what they say happened to them about 35 years ago at Dolphin Square, a riverside apartment complex in Pimlico much favoured by MPs, civil servants and other establishment figures. Nick says another of his rapists there was Sir Peter Hayman, the former deputy director of MI6, a member of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) convicted of gross indecency in 1984. In total, he says, he went to the riverside complex around 10 times. Nick is now a key witness in a new Dolphin Square strand of the Metropolitan Police investigation into alleged historic child sex abuse.  (more...)


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