Thursday, November 27, 2014

Leak: Bank of Montreal now requiring business partners to conform to its pro-gay ‘diversity’ standards

The Bank of Montreal, Canada’s fourth largest bank, has begun a process of requiring the businesses with which it works to conform to its pro-homosexual “diversity” standards.

In an October 9th email to its legal suppliers, leaked by the Institute for Canadian Values, the Bank of Montreal (BMO) wrote that to show its “commitment to diversity and inclusion” it will no longer do business with law firms whose diversity standards are “not compatible” with the bank’s.

However, the bank indicated that law firms were only the first among many groups it does business with to face the sanctions, stating: “The bank is starting with legal suppliers and going from there.”

“BMO requires the law firms with whom we do business to disclose the diversity statistics of their associates, partners and management committee as part of our External Counsel Selection Program,” the communication from the head office states.

“If there [sic] standards are not compatible with the bank, they will be dropped,” the letter adds.

BMO states in the letter that it is the first Canadian bank to have such a supplier hiring policy in place, saying it is “at the forefront of a new frontier in which we not only expect higher standards of diversity and inclusion from ourselves, but our suppliers as well.”  (more...)


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