Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TDSB director Donna Quan repels trustee accusations

Toronto school board trustees have accused director of education
Donna Quan of "defiance and insubordination."
Toronto District School Board director Donna Quan flatly denies being secretive about her contract. In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Star on Tuesday, Quan rejected a series of accusations from some trustees about secrecy and other issues that are believed to have prompted chair Mari Rutka to seek a meeting with the education minister.

Quan said she has spoken out about trustees and their inappropriate behaviour and feels that’s the reason behind the raucous relations with a handful of them.

“There have been multiple audits and reports and a safety panel report dating back to 2007 which describes a culture of fear” at the board, she said.

“I believe we have a strong senior team who wants to lead with integrity, and when situations arise and we call the question, it’s perhaps a little uncomfortable. I’ve called the question on a couple of things this year, on conduct that may not be the most desirable in terms of interactions with staff and with each other … (but) the culture of fear can only be addressed when the team is willing to take a stand.”  (more...)

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