Thursday, November 27, 2014

'Secret' TDSB payment actually an out-of-court settlement for unpaid catering invoices

Toronto District School Board director Donna Quan has been on the hot seat with
some trustees over what they termed a "secret" payout - which was actually
the result of an out-of-coury settlement of a longstanding issue.
A $200,000 payment the director of the Toronto District School Board authorized — for which she has been criticized by some trustees, who called it undocumented and secretive — was an out-of-court settlement negotiated by the board’s lawyer with a catering company after several years of unpaid invoices.

A confidential package of documents given to trustees during a private session Wednesday night provided details of the settlement that some trustees had been seeking, including invoices and copies of emails from superintendents and principals verifying that snacks, breakfasts or lunches were provided by Neo City Café for at-risk kids enrolled in summer programs.

Copies of those documents and invoices were obtained by the Star.

In a recent email to board chair Mari Rutka, included in the package, director of education Donna Quan asks her to “please let me know when you’re available for a conversation on this matter, as it would be important to the TDSB organization to correct asap the erroneous statements about the ‘mysterious’ and ‘undocumented’ payment.”

Mari Rutka didn't wish to comment for privacy reasons.  (more...)

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