Monday, November 24, 2014

Now "Virtuous" Paedophiles? 'My name is Eddie, I'm attracted to girls of 4'

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Channel 4 will screen a controversial documentary tonight in which a paedophile speaks openly about his attraction to four-year-old girls.

The broadcaster has been criticised by victim support campaigners for giving airtime to the 39-year-old man, called Eddie, and encouraging him to discuss his urges.

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood [NAPAC] said victims would be ‘offended’ by the film and said it should have devoted its airtime and resources to helping people who have been abused as children.

However, other charities including the NSPCC praised the programme for shining a light on the need to treat paedophiles before they abuse children or view under-age pornography. In The Paedophile Next Door, a series of experts argue that men like Eddie – who claims he has never offended and who has no criminal record – should not be treated like ‘evil monsters’.  (more...)

In ever-inclusive Toronto:

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