Friday, November 21, 2014

Why won't Liberals let parents in on sex-ed talk?

Premier Kathleen Wynne
TORONTO - Any time sex and politics collide, you can expect fireworks.

Around Queen’s Park, the combination of those topics is explosive. Anyone who dares question how the government will implement its new sex education curriculum is immediately slapped with a variety of labels: You’re homophobic, reactionary — or just plain prudish.

So much for full and free debate.

That’s a pity, because school curriculum shouldn’t have a political agenda.

The last time the Liberals introduced their controversial attempt to overhaul the sex-ed curriculum that’s exactly what happened. It became a political football largely because of the way the Liberals politicized it.

It’s a terrible pity that people who profess to be so open-minded are in fact the ones who don’t tolerate debate.  (more...)

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