Thursday, November 27, 2014

‘Near misses’ show surviving school violence is pure luck

TDSB director of education Donna Quan says there is "room for improvement"
in the way the board reports, analyzes and acts upon school violence.
TDSB data, requested by the Star, shows that guns, shots, knives and stabbings account for one in five serious incidents.

Two former classmates at a northwest Toronto high school confronted each other in a stairwell. One was stabbed in the stomach. The other one walked away.

A student in a Junction-area high school brought his handgun to class for the day, a discovery police made after arriving with a warrant for his arrest.

Masked intruders ran into a west Toronto school library where they punched and kicked a student before outrunning teachers.

And in central Etobicoke, a fight broke out between a boy and a group of girls at the plaza across from the high school. The girls attacked adults who tried to stop the melee. When the boy’s friends arrived from a different school, they jumped on a student on the school’s sports field, stabbing him three times in the back. The phys-ed teacher chased them down, holding one until police arrived.

These are a few of the serious incidents that rocked Toronto high schools last year. Taken from a report compiled for the Toronto Star by the Toronto District School Board, the 1,100 incidents over a four year-period provide a snapshot (these are not all of the cases) of the hidden side of high school life.  (more...)

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