Sunday, November 16, 2014

The False Ecumenism of Salt + Light and the CCCB

The "Rt. Rev Linda Nicholls"
On the evening of Sunday, November 10, an ecumenical service was held in Toronto between Roman Catholics and Anglicans at St. James Anglican Cathedral. The service was attended by Thomas Cardinal Collins and the "Right Reverend Bishop" Linda Nicholls who preached a sermon. It was tirelessly promoted by Father Tom Rosica and Salt + Light. This is part of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue promoted by the CCCB.

To what ends? Visible unity? It is not possible!

Let's get something straight.

Linda Nicholls can call herself a "Right Reverend Bishop" but she is nothing more than a lay woman masquerading as a bishop. Women cannot receive Holy Orders of priest or bishop, there is a little problem of "matter." Anglicans possess no Holy Orders at all and have no apostolic succession because they do not have the "intent" to do or to believe what the Church believes and this was definitively taught by Pope Leo XIII, long forgotten in the modernist era of canonsiations of Vatican II papacies...  (more...)


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