Friday, November 21, 2014

Penn's Gaydar Admissions Project Goes Back Years: Gays Are "Blue-Chip Recruits'

Consultant is ‘sure’ that ‘savvier students’ pretend to be gay to improve admissions chances

The University of Pennsylvania’s attempts to guess the sexual orientation of applicants are nothing new – and the school says it’s too busy to explain what weight, if any, it gives to applicants who aren’t perceived to be heterosexual.

As recently reported by The College Fix, Penn’s admissions department is trying to “read” applications for clues about sexuality when it’s not stated explicitly.

Associate Dean of Recruitment Jordan Pascucci, who’s been featured in the lesbian magazine GO, told The Daily Pennsylvanian earlier this month that her office tags “students who self-identify as part of the LGBT community or as strong allies.” Three in four of those students identify as LGBT rather than allies, higher than expected, she said.  (more...)


Personal note: I saw college dons and teaching assistants sniffing for gay potential for grad school admissions many years ago. Academic gatekeepers have faggability at the top of their list.

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