Friday, November 21, 2014

Earth to Catholic Register: Parent group wary about sex ed survey?

Teresa Pierre
TORONTO - Trying to avoid the parental backlash that erupted over its revised health and sex education curriculum in 2010, the Ontario Liberals have established an online consultation process on an updated sex-ed curriculum to be implemented in September. But already, it has run afoul of one parent group.

Parents As First Educators (PAFE) has objected to the limited scope of the survey, saying too few voices will be heard in the process. The survey is being sent to one parent council representative at each of the 4,000 elementary schools in Ontario, including some 1,400 Catholic schools,

Teresa Pierre, president of PAFE, said the sample size allows too few parents an opportunity to give feedback on the provincial government’s plans to modernize the curriculum.

“The current survey of a small group of parents, hand-picked by school principals, is an empty substitute for the public consultation everyone expected,” wrote Pierre in an e-mail to The Catholic Register.  (more...)

Msgr. Vincent Foy
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