Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exclusive documents show sex-ed consultation lacking

Kathleen Wynn and OISE consultant
TORONTO - Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum consultation provides no information to parents on the curriculum.

Parents taking the survey are strongly encouraged not to consult with other parents when filling out the survey. And the survey is being managed by Liberal-connected Pollara Research.

The sex-ed consultation package of documents was obtained by Sun News Network from a concerned whistleblowing parent and a school principal who wish to remain anonymous over fears of reprisals against them.

The package includes the survey, a “backgrounder,” some frequently asked questions and answers, and a guidance letter to principals on the process to follow to undertake the consultation.

The parent whistleblower expressed extreme frustration that the package contains no detailed curriculum information or examples and that parental input is being severely limited.  (more...)

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