Friday, November 28, 2014

Senses Recovered: Pro-abortion women’s health network shuts down

A year after Stephen Harper’s Conservative government defunded a pro-abortion women’s health network, the organization is shutting down because it was unable to secure alternate funding.

The Canadian Women’s Health Network was one of six organizations funded for 18 years largely by the federal Women’s Health Contributions Program, established by the Liberals under Jean Chretien, to provide the public with information and research on women’s health.

However, the feminist organization was also a public advocate for legal abortion, such that its demise was lamented by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. "Very sad. The Canadian Women's Health Network has become another victim of King Harper's cuts to anything that might help women,” the group wrote on Facebook November 26.

The CWHN’s board announced the closure on November 14. “The CWHN has not been able to secure sustainable funds to replace the federal funding that was withdrawn in 2013. The CWHN office is closed and the remaining staff members are being laid off,” states a message on its webpage.  (more...)

Now, if only the Church would cease funding feminist make-work projects.

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