Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dump our trustees, dissolve our school boards

Education Minister Liz Sandals, left, acknowledged this week that the dysfunction
and disorder at the TDSB are clearly structural problems. That’s why she sent in
trouble-shooter Margaret Wilson, right, to restructure the board
Queen’s Park is stepping in to investigate why yet another dysfunctional school board in Toronto has failed yet another test.

Now it’s time to take the next step — by stamping out school trustees once and for all.

Next step (not quite yet, but one of these years): Eliminate our outdated school boards,...

That’s a lot of history to clean up.

But the perennial tale of trustees at war with themselves, and their staff, offers us a teachable moment. If we don’t learn the lessons of history, and take account of present-day mistakes, we will be condemned to repeat even more costly blunders in future.

Trustees seem congenitally unable to play well with others — not just now, not just in the Toronto District School Board, but across the province. Little wonder voters routinely ignore them on election day, while school staff disobey them every other day.  (more...)

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