Thursday, March 27, 2014

UK: The State gets hysterical about paedophiles - then lets under-age girls stockpile morning-after pills.

Turning a blind eye to underage sex undermines
all the high-profile investigations into paedophilia
following the horrific Jimmy Savile case
The values of personal responsibility, family stability and parental authority are essential parts of the glue that should hold our society together. But tragically in modern Britain, the state all too often acts as an engine of destruction towards those vital principles.

That has been graphically illustrated in recent years by officialdom's misguided, dogmatic promotion of sexual freedom for teenagers.

In this climate of so-called tolerance, taxpayer-funded condoms and contraceptives have been dished out by the shedload, with no questions asked, while sex-education advice has become ever more explicit but increasingly devoid of any moral framework.

As a result, ethical boundaries have dissolved, parental rights have been ignored, the concept of restraint has been treated with disdain, and even the law on under-age sex has been flouted.

But instead of learning any lessons from this failure, officialdom is determined to press on with the politically correct agenda of sexual rights for youngsters. Like a bunch of Sixties radicals, they seem to think we should strengthen the burgeoning youth culture of sexual anarchy, rather than challenge it.  (more...)

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