Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hitler's Bund Deutsche Madel and the Neo-Feminist Girl Scouts

When we remember the Jewish children thrown alive into ditches by the Nazis and then think about the  little girls outside Walmart selling cookies, it seems an offense to decency to suggest any comparison between the Bund Deutsche Madel (League of German Girls, or BDM) and the Girl Scouts.  Nevertheless, both Nazism and post-1960s American feminism (neo-feminism in this essay) envision exclusionary, utopian socialist societies.  Both indoctrinate girls from a young age to advance their visions.  And there are parallels in structure, activities, and ethos.

Changes to the Girl Scout Law reveal the core of the shifts from individually focused, morally based foundations to a neo-feminist mindset.  The Law I memorized as a Brownie listed virtues to emulate in every situation.  The current Law vitiates virtues into vague, situationally specific, anti-moral formulations that involve making self-directed choices.  Hitler’s utopia was racially pure, while the neo-feminist Girl Scout utopia is a sexually empowered, female-centric, self-esteeming, gender-bending journey.  Both are against human nature, and both nourish the seeds of catastrophe within their premises.  (more...)

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