Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OISE Wants To Undermine Parental Rights With "Equity" Education

A blog run by OISE, which features the work of some of its students says this:
In September of 2011, one school in the Greater Toronto Area decided to implement a program of ism education. Educating students about the isms, and discrimination based on the isms (racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, faith as an ism, classism) was no longer going to be optional; it was being mandated. Teachers were charged with planning an assembly that educated the school community about a particular ism, and designing a lesson plan that would explore that ism in more depth with students in class. These lesson plans would be implemented by all teachers, school wide.
Clicking the link leads us to a seven page paper about this subject.  Here are the more interesting parts  (more...)

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