Wednesday, March 19, 2014

British children caught up in one of world's worst ever porn rings

Ringleader Jonathan Johnson
British children using social networking sites have unwittingly been the victim of one of the world's worst ever child pornography rings, it has emerged.

Police are preparing to make arrests across the UK of dozens of men who had paid to access the secret obscene image-sharing website.

The US authorities - which smashed the international ring - called it 'one of the largest known online child exploitation operations in history'.

Many of the victims were contacted via social network sites and 'enticed to produce sexually explicit material'.

Some of the men responsible tricked them by posing as females.

More than 27,000 subscribers to the vile secret network had access to 2,000 videos filmed on computer webcams.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the US said they had arrested 14 American men who operated the member-only site from the southern state of Louisiana.

Investigators have so far identified 251 child victims, of whom 243 were boys.

There were 228 Americans and a total of 23 from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Belgium.

The majority were aged 13 to 15, but 33 were aged under 12 and two were aged just three.  (more...)

British children caught up in one of world's worst ever porn rings


Plus, perversity for the well-healed:

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