Sunday, March 30, 2014

Socon or Bust: Michael Coren’s Fake Rose of Civil Unions

It’s not easy being a Catholic activist today.  When you stand up for what Jesus and the Church teach against our opponents and  even against misinformed and confused prominent Catholics (like Michael Coren), you risk being labelled as a “bigot” or a “homophobe” or “angry” or in “darkness”.    This occurs even when you take great pains to explain the Catholic position over and over again to attempt to convince your opponents that their objections are totally baseless and without merit.   But in the end, it really does not make any difference to them.  You can bring up all of the facts you want, it’s simply not going to change their opinion.  They will simply label you a bigot in order to “win” an argument, even if that label is completely bogus.

It’s part of the sexual narcissism of our age which has gripped and enslaved many people into believing that they are sexually autonomous beings who can define and redefine sex at their leisure.  Please note, gentle reader, that this is indeed the very crux of the issue:   whether sex is for leisure or whether sex is for sacrifice.  Those 11 words basically sum up the entire battle that is being waged right now.  (more...)

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