Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toronto trustee mocks Pride’s nudity critics: new babies ‘shamelessly and shockingly’ parade naked

Trustee Howard Kaplan
TORONTO, March 12, 2014 ( – A Toronto school trustee has mocked critics of nudity at the city’s Pride parade by suggesting they should equally be outraged at newly-born babies who “shamelessly and shockingly” parade themselves unclothed.

Trustee Howard Kaplan, who represents Ward 5, York Centre was responding to a motion proposed last week to have the city clarify whether or not the law against public nudity would be enforced. He also argued that public nudity should be allowed at the parade since animals do not wear clothing.

“Children every day out on the street they see dogs and cats — even on occasion a horse — buck naked with all their sexual organs exposed. Even flowers have their sexual organs all exposed,” he said in a video captured by an amateur last week and posted to Youtube.

Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos became a target of homosexual activism last month after he asked Toronto Police to enforce Canadian law against public nudity happening in the annual Pride parades.  (more...)

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