Saturday, March 15, 2014

Comprehensive Sex Education: State Control of Our Children

Since the mid-nineties, I have investigated and addressed various sex education policies. As a parent myself and with my own childhood largely seasoned withvarious GLBT dogmas, I do not trust so-called “experts” who introduce comprehensive sex education a la carte or muddled inside another creatively-named education strategy to catch parents unaware. Regrettably, most parents do not understand how the dark veils of equity, inclusive, diversity, and other positive-sounding terminology, using the nondiscrimination terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” mask the state’s plan to control our children’s minds and attitudes. As parents, we better be concerned about our children’s privacy, speech, and religious freedoms, and for all intents and purposes, our own.

Think about it this way. The application of school policies travel with your children and their friends in what is considered the “school climate.” “School climate” is not limited to school buildings and land, school buses, field trips, places where students hang out to eat and talk with friends (cafeterias, cafes, malls, and street corners), and research locales for school projects (libraries, workplaces, and home).

School education policies associated with the “school climate” also travel and apply to virtual environments which your children have access to. Such devices as computers, laptops, flash drives, cell phones, I-pods, and other personal devices used to upload/download text messages, music, and pictures and chat on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and private e-mail accounts) are not off limits to the “school climate” policies and policing thereof.  (more...)

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