Sunday, March 30, 2014

Questions raised over speech by CBE’s top administrator

Portions of a speech last fall by the chief superintendent of the city’s public school board about ethical leadership and integrity are strikingly similar to an academic book published three years ago, says an expert on plagiarism.

The University of Alberta’s director of student judicial affairs — whom the Herald asked for an opinion — said she would have found Naomi Johnson’s conduct wanting if the presentation to Calgary Board of Education principals had instead been made in an academic course.

“This person has taken the words and the ideas of someone else without giving proper credit or attribution,” Deborah Eerkes said.

“If a student handed that in, we would consider it plagiarism under the university’s code of conduct.”

A Herald reporter was alerted to concerns about Johnson’s speech this week after receiving a copy of her speaking notes for the September event sent anonymously by regular mail.  (more...)

H/T to Socialist Studies

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