Monday, March 17, 2014


...If you are blessed enough to have an orthodox Catholic priest, take him out for a cup of coffee, promise him your discretion and confidentiality, and he will tell you stories that will make your hair rise on end. You are not going to get any assistance or workable advice from the bishop and his entourage of careerists at the chancery office. You are certainly not going to be properly informed by the "official" Catholic media. Therefore, we have been placed into a circumstance where it is one of our duties as Catholic laymen to help, defend and especially pray for such priests persecuted by these CanChurch hotshots. These priests - who suffer in silence, who carry tremendous crosses and who shall, rightly, have high places in Heaven.

Only a few years ago, a Catholic could speak of the Church's proscription against homosexual conduct, or of the evils consequences of heresy, or of whatever anti-Catholic subject, without much concern for reprisal. Informed by the Catechism, quoting the popes and the saints, referencing Magisterial documents, canon law and Doctors of the Church, you could express such things without worry of blowback. But now, today, we are accused of "hate" for doing so, now we are called "crazy right-wing religious fanatics". Now we are effectively being told to "shut up". Not by a secular world, not by those persons and organizations outside the Church. But by very prominent persons, clerical and lay, within the Church. What's next? There is no limit to their demands. They require absolute obedience and affirmation of everything they say and do. What is going on here? And who the hell are these people? Wake up, everybody, we've been hijacked.

But as Fr. Oko reminds us, "the normal majority should not be intimidated by a disturbed minority". Offering some strategic guidance, he also writes: "homomafia in the Church must be dealt with in a very professional way - we must act like a prosecutor or an officer in the battlefield".

With this post, this blogger officially declares war on CanChurch.   (more...)

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