Friday, March 28, 2014

Something rotten in the state of Ontario

This just in from one of our roving reporters.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association held its annual general meeting at Toronto's Westin Harbour Castle Hotel over the March break. Teacher representatives from every school are invited to attend the meeting, with food and accommodation being provided free of charge.

The Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, was in attendance, and the Premier, Kathleen Wynne, was the keynote speaker.

One of the items discussed at this AGM was the idea of using $ 2.8 million of the teachers' reserve fund in order to fund an ad campaign attacking Tim Hudak, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (and supporting the Liberal Party). There was discussion, followed by a vote.

Well…………….surprise……………….the teachers voted NOT to use their reserve funds for this political initiative.

At this point (allegedly), one of the delegates approached the microphone and addressed the crowd. He stated that he was very disappointed with the result of the vote, that it was a terrible mistake. This delegate went on to argue the merits of bringing down Mr. Hudak and warned teachers that if they didn’t spend the $ 2.8 million now, they would surely spend it later - because if Mr. Hudak wins, there will probably be a teacher strike and …there goes the reserve fund.

A second vote was proposed and - guess what! - this time the teachers voted YES to using their money to fund the ad campaign.  (more...)

H/T and much background at Socialist Studies

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