Saturday, March 15, 2014

Canada’s education spending growing so quickly it’s outstripping enrolment

A new report suggests education spending is growing so quickly that it is outstripping student enrolment.

The Frontier Centre report, released Friday, finds all provinces appear to be spending much more on staff than the number of new students should warrant. Student-to-staff ratios had rapidly declined over the last decade, accounting for much of the increase in cost, it found.

“I wasn’t surprised that [education spending] was increasing faster than the Consumer Price Index, but I was surprised by the variations across the country, mostly in terms of what the cost per student is and by the increases over time,” said Rodney Clifton, professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba and a senior research fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, whose report advocates a school voucher system.  (more...)

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Not a priority at York Region, but anyway:

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