Monday, March 17, 2014

If Toronto District School board isn’t working, then change it

If it’s true, in life, that we never leave the proverbial sandbox, then it’s too bad that only some are emotionally evolved enough to play a decent game.

Others, such as those backbiting trustees on the Toronto District School Board — you know who you are — clearly have no internal mechanism to control the chaos created in pursuit of individual agendas.

With a drive for power and political allegiances (which will be torn asunder in due course), the trustees’ infighting, name-calling and accusation-tossing gets in the way of their sole purpose — overseeing education for Toronto’s children.

This can’t continue. Despite calls for police at board meetings, furious outbursts, staff locking office doors against haranguing trustees, and investigations that confirm sexual harassment, the board’s problems can be fixed.  (more...)

H/T to Socialist Studies

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