Sunday, March 30, 2014

Socon or Bust: Michael Coren can no longer be considered a reliable source of Catholic opinion (sadly)

Folks, I have just had a rather long discussion with Michael Coren on his descent into supporting gay civil unions and even worse.  He’s a very confused man, and won’t answer some basic questions.  He got tired of me insisting that he tell me what his position was on Humanae Vitae and finally unfriended me, claiming I was “angry” and in “darkness”.   Please pray for Michael.  I think there is more here in his dramatic shift than first meets the eye.

Here is the Facebook thread in question.  Note: I’ve noticed that Michael has started deleting at least one of his responses on the thread.  Please be aware of that when you are reading it if something doesn’t quite follow.

I was unable to post my final comment. Here it is here:  (more...)

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