Friday, March 18, 2016

Wrexham abuse survivor brands Macur Review 'a whitewash'

Keith Gregory
Abuse victim Keith Gregory today blasted the Macur Review claiming it was a “cover-up” and “a whitewash”.

Mr Gregory, who acts a spokesperson for abuse victims, said he had been contacted by many distraught survivors upset by the findings.

He urged them to remain strong and keep on fighting.

Des Mannion, head of the NSPCC Wales, was also critical of the “long-overdue” report, which he said had revealed “barely anything”.

The review, led by Lady Justice Macur, was ordered in 2012 after doubts were raised over Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s ‘Lost in Care’ report published in 2000, that it did not go far enough.

However the Macur Review has now concluded there was no evidence to undermine the previous inquiry.

Mr Gregory, now a Wrexham county councillor, said: “It is a whitewash, a cover-up and has been a complete waste of time.

“The Waterhouse Inquiry did not go far enough in its investigation.

“I have had lots of calls from survivors who are upset and unhappy with the review.

“All the court documents from the Waterhouse Inquiry were scrapped and it was said to be “human error”.  (more...)

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