Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Sun Vault: The Death Star of British Journalism

At a trial in Kingston two years ago of several senior Sun journalists over allegations of payments to public officials, the former deputy editor of the country's best selling newspaper, Ben O'Driscoll, made an interesting admission on oath:
"At the time I was there, there was an enormous safe, about 7ft high, like something out of a Wild West film, with big metal handles", O'Driscoll explained to  the court in Kingston. "It was full of 30 years of stories that are confidential and did not pass the public interest test. They remained there in that safe, and what's in there is quite eye-popping, I have to say."
O'Driscoll claimed  MPs and celebrities featured in the material, and added: "If you were to publish everything in that safe, I think The Sun's circulation figures would go upwards."

But if this material is not held for publication, what is it kept for?  (more...)

Was Rupert Murdoch's buddy a paedophile?

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