Thursday, March 17, 2016

Michael Chan’s Libel Suit: Globe and Mail Files Statement of Defence

The Globe and Mail’s recently filed defence statement in a close to $5 million lawsuit by Ontario Immigration Minister Michael Chan says the paper was acting in the public good by exposing the minister’s questionable dealings with China and the concerns they sparked at CSIS.

The Globe’s argument centres on the relevance of its reporting on Chan as a public figure, information that the paper made public for the first time regarding interaction between the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Ontario government on Chan, and the “very thin investigation” on Chan’s conduct by the provincial government.

The Globe reported that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was unaware of CSIS’s concerns regarding Chan’s relationship with Chinese officials before her decision to promote Chan to the immigration and international trade file.  (more...)


Can't have that Quebec thing spilling over into Ontario!

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