Wednesday, March 30, 2016

‘I’m 52 years old and I’m still broken’: Gordon Stuckless’ victims address his sentencing

TORONTO — Victims of the man at the heart of the Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse scandal say they’ve been permanently scarred by his actions, their lives derailed by the shame and trauma of what they endured decades ago.

Several of Gordon Stuckless’s victims described dropping out of school and turning to drugs and alcohol after being abused in their youth. Even now, the memories haunt them and keep them up at night, many said.

“I am 52 years old and I’m still broken inside,” said one man, who cannot be identified under a publication ban.

He was 11 years old when Stuckless abused him at Maple Leaf Gardens, he said, and kept his “dark secret” under wraps for close to 40 years.  (more...)


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