Friday, March 18, 2016

#FeeditForward Experts sound alarm on ‘food insecurity’ in Canada

Workers unload a food box at Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank
Lineups at food banks are not new, but the economic downturn has made them even more pronounced. The number of new people using the Calgary Food Bank has grown significantly in the past year.

“The demand is increasing,” James McAra said. “This is the worst I have seen. It tells me the story of what is happening in Calgary.”

McAra began working at the Calgary Food Bank 15 years ago, as “chief cook and bottle washer.” Today, he is the president and CEO, overseeing more than 60 staff members and hundreds of volunteers. They served 3 million meals and snacks to the hungry last year alone. More than 40 per cent of their clients are children.

While the situation in Calgary is aggravated by the plunge in oil prices, researchers say millions of Canadians find it a challenge to put food on the table. They have collected data that suggests what is called “food insecurity” is a serious issue affecting households all across the country.  (more...)

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