Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The CIA protected Adolf Eichmann, architect of the Holocaust

The day before yesterday, 6 June 2006, the New York Times reported the following:
“The Central Intelligence Agency took no action after learning the pseudonym and whereabouts of the fugitive Holocaust overseer Adolf Eichmannn in 1958, according to CIA documents that shed new light on the spy agency’s use of former Nazis as informers after World War II. 
The CIA was told by West German intelligence that Eichmannn was living in Argentina under the name ‘Clemens’ -- a slight variation on his actual alias, Klement -- but kept the information from Israel...”
For those unfamiliar with the history of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann was the central architect of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution: the German Nazi program of extermination of the European Jews. What the New York Times is reporting is that the CIA protected Eichmann after he became a fugitive. This is amazing, but the whole truth is even more amazing, and that's what the New York Times fails to report.

When the New York Times says that “[the] CIA...use[d] former Nazis as informers after World War II,” it is leaving most of the truth out. What is true is that the CIA itself was created by absorbing practically the entire Nazi war-criminal infrastructure. This was documented already in 1988 with material obtained from the US government through the Freedom of Information Act by historian Christopher Simpson  (more...)


Look on the bright side. The New York Times still makes serviceable birdcage liner.

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