Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Consumer groups demand CRTC address complaints over 'so lame' $25 basic TV packages

Consumer advocacy groups are demanding immediate action by the CRTC to address the flood of complaints pouring in about the new $25 basic TV packages.

The Consumers' Association of Canada says it has asked the federal broadcast regulator to hold a hearing to examine the problem and come up with a better deal for Canadians.

But there will be no quick action according to the CRTC, which says it prefers to wait and see how its mandated TV packages pan out over time.

The commission's stance has further infuriated consumer groups. "We've waited and we've seen. And what we see is so lame," says Josh Tabish with Open Media, an advocacy group for telecom consumers.

Both the CRTC and the Consumers' Association have been inundated with hundreds of complaints from disgruntled Canadians about the new TV packages.

Association president Bruce Cran says many of the gripes his group has received involve the high price of the plans once extra fees are included.

"People don't like what they're seeing there as far as value is concerned," he says.  (more...)

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