Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Failing Grade: why we left Ontario's public Catholic schools

As some of my past readers may know, this past September all of our children entered the public Catholic school system here in Ontario. My husband and I had been really hoping that the public system, even with its myriad of problems, would at least be bearable.

After all, our local Catholic school had scored extremely well on academic indicators (as measured by the Fraser Institute). We were not expecting perfection. We knew there were lots of problems with the public system (to state the obvious: Wynne's outrageous new sex-ed curriculum).

But like many parents, we told ourselves that we could keep our kids on the right path through open discussions. Whenever our children came across things we disagreed with, or even in advance of certain lessons at school, we would just unteach and reteach, explaining how and why our own values were right.

So for the past several months, we tried to go along and get along. Until two weeks ago, when our mounting concerns reached a boiling point, and we made a decision. We pulled out our children and returned to homeschooling for the rest of this year.

It was a painful decision, but inevitable. Our encounter with Ontario's public Catholic school system was a huge disappointment on too many levels  (more...)

H/T to Catholic Intellegence Blog

How to wiggle out of the trap:

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