Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Case Study in Controlled Opposition

One of my readers just sent me a link to the Occidental Observer, the online magazine of “White Identity, Interests and Culture”. He thought I would like it. I didn't. Just as I didn't like the Manhattan Institute's magazine City Journal a couple of days ago, I didn't like the Occidental Observer. And for the same reason: I recognized it as basically fake. I don't believe it is what it says it is.

I smelled a rat even before I got to the main page and saw that “White Culture” nonsense. I was sent first to Lasha Darkmoon's article “The Plot Against Art”, I guess because it was thought I would agree with almost everything in it. Of course I agree with some of it, since that is the point. These people have to salt in the lies with a lot of truth, or you wouldn't buy the lies. But they don't fool me anymore.

If you don't know what I am talking about, pay attention. Notice that none of these highly educated PhDs, including MacDonald and the fake Darkmoon, seem to be aware that Marxism was an Intel project all the way back to 1848. They talk about Jews a lot, but I didn't see a word about Intelligence. This is probably the easiest way to tell you are being misdirected. It looks to me like they are all part of the Modern project to control the discourse, so that you are constantly looking where they are pointing. They clearly want you involved in this whole Semitism-anti-Semitism dialectic, so that you miss the deeper currents  (more...)

The analysis above is very good and can be used as a template for looking at neo-Catholic and false conservative publications. A good house-cleaning is long overdue. I helped you out Michael Coren and John Baird. There's much more work to do.


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