Monday, March 14, 2016

N.S. teacher facing sex charges connected to popular memorial soccer tournament

CTV News has learned a Halifax-area junior high school teacher facing sexual assault charges lost her mother and sister in a car accident, prompting the creation of a widely-renowned memorial soccer tournament.

Sarah Allt Harnish, 36, lost her mother, Sheila Allt, and her sister, Stephenie Allt, in a single-vehicle crash off Highway 103 in October 2002.

The pair was returning from a soccer game when they lost control on the rain-slicked road.

"To my sister it meant the world - it meant everything,” said Allt Harnish in a YouTube video. “That's what she lived, breathed, everything for - she wanted to play (soccer) all the time."

"To my mom, it's her passion it's what she wanted to do with her family, it's how she brought everyone together, that's where she made her friends - so it meant everything.”

Stephenie's grief-stricken friends created the Sheila and Stephenie Allt Memorial Soccer Tournament in their honour. Fourteen years later, it's still going strong  (more...)


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