Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wynne's Liberals to raise energy rates again

Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media reports, Ontario, the province that used to lead the country in hydro electric power having harnessed the wonder that is Niagara Falls, is now looking to put residents into energy poverty in pursuit of their green energy goals.

On Sunday November 1, electricity prices in Ontario went up by 3.4 percent, the latest in a long line of price hikes with more to come.

On January 1 the Clean Energy Benefit, a ten percent discount given to quell voter anger, will expire meaning another ten percent price hike. And of course who can forget Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli musing back in December 2013 about prices rising by 42 percent over the next three years.

When the Liberals took power in Ontario in 2003 the price for electricity before delivery and debt charges, was 4.3 cents per kilowatt hour. It's now 17.5 cents per kilowatt hour at peak times which means when you run your coffee pot in the morning, turn on the light to get out of bed or when you cook your dinner. If you can put off all of that until after 7 pm, you can get the price down to 8.3 cents, on top of the never ending list of other charges like delivery and debt.

Why does it cost so much? We have a surplus of power in the province, Ontario regularly sells power at a loss to New York State.

Well part of it relates to increasing costs at Ontario Hydro’s nuclear and Hydro electric plants. The there is the albatross that is the wind and solar contracts that were signed to make Ontario green. I thought if we changed to high efficiency appliances, energy efficient light bulbs and the like that our bills would go down? That was the promise.

As I keep pointing out, the more we save, the higher the bills go, once again proving that green energy leads to poverty for regular people.


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