Friday, November 20, 2015

Child welfare worker thought Katelynn Sampson’s guardians could pose risk: inquest

TORONTO — A former child welfare worker told a coroner’s inquest Thursday that he was concerned the guardians of a seven-year-old Toronto girl might pose a risk to children in their care.

Hamid Jivraj, then an intake worker at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, noted his concerns after looking into calls made about Katelynn Sampson before the girl’s case was referred to a sister agency months before her death, the inquest heard.

Katelynn’s mother, Bernice Sampson, was addicted to crack and gave her daughter to Donna Irving and Warren Johnson in the spring of 2007 in a misguided attempt to give the girl a better life. The pair was granted legal custody the following year despite having several criminal convictions.  (more...)

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