Monday, November 16, 2015

The Ya Ya Sisterhood Triumphant: Chancery Office Staff & Their Social Media Accounts

This is what a church feminist looks like
Did you know the Diocese of Hamilton has an Office of Justice and Peace? We even have a coordinator for it. I don't know if it's a full time position, part time, or volunteer, but I assume full time. What's the compensation package for a chancery office coordinator? I'd guess somewhere between $40K-$50K salary plus benefits, vacation, travel expenses (to attend social justice conferences, trips to the Vatican, etc) office expenses, etc. So the collection baskets in the diocese fork out around $60,000/yr for this role. Does anyone know what a justice and peace diocesan coordinator does all day?

Sarah Guinta is our Justice and Peace Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Guelph three years ago with a degree in Political Economy and Administrative Change. Previous work experience at Me To We and AIESEC Canada. I'd guess her age in the mid-twenties. I have no idea what the skill set or experience level for a diocesan justice and peace coordinator are but let's assume Sarah's qualified for this position, whatever it's suppose to do for us.

After some googling and browsing on employment websites, I could not find any advertisements for this position. Were there other candidates? This is all I could find, the announcement of her hiring in September 2015. I'm not sure who does the hiring at the Diocese of Hamilton Chancery Office, but do they check potential new employee's social media accounts?  (more...)

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