Friday, November 20, 2015

Cultural Marxism is at the Heart of Our Moral Disintegration

Max Horkheimer (left) shakes hand of Theodor Adorno, while in the background,
German Marxist theorist Jürgen Habermas runs fingers though his hair in
Heidelberg in 1964.
I had thought Jennifer Roback Morse was getting to the heart of the matter when she pivoted to a focus on the victims of the Sexual Revolution. Her undoubtedly correct view is that gay so-called “marriage” did not start with the gays; rather, the Sexual Revolution prepared the ground beginning in the 1960s.

In The Devil’s Pleasure Palace (Encounter Books), Michael Walsh explains there is something even more fundamental at the heart of the matter and the Sexual Revolution is only part of it. What lay at the heart of the matter are Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory and the institute that spawned them, the Institute for Social Research, commonly known as the Frankfurt School.

You know these better than you think. In fact, their ideas are coursing not only through all of society, but through your own veins whether you know it or not.  (more...)

Missing: how conservatism has been colonized by neo-fascists to generate a managed opposition that plays under the table with marxism to advance the anti-Christian agenda. Only traditionalists seem to properly apprehend the dialectical strategy of marxism. I had the very strange experience of observing second-generation Nazis among cultural marxists during my university years. The masonic new world (and age) is very schizophrenic.


  1. Marxism goes back to the so-called "egalite" of the Revolution. Capitalists prefer to emphasize "liberte".

    1. They're both mere slogans than the freemasons have never delivered on. The marxists and faux capitalists that I saw at school were in bed with each other, literally. Their true commonalities are depravity and predation, in which they will compact with each other to corrupt and plunder the unwary. The slogans should truthfully be "elitism", "slavery" and "isolation".