Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fascism: Then and Now

 Homily by Msgr. Vincent Foy

A timely recapitulation, indeed.

Pro-lifers: be vigilant about "libertarians" colonizing your movement:
“The suspect in custody in connec­tion with the slaying of abortion doctor George Tiller was a member of an anti-government group in the 1990s and a staunch opponent of abortion. . . Roeder, who in the 1990s was a manufacturing assemblyman, also was involved in the ‘Freemen’ movement. 
‘Freemen’ was a term adopted by those who claimed sov­er­eignty from government jurisdiction and operated under their own legal system, which they called common-law courts. Adherents declared themselves exempt from laws, regulations and taxes and often filed liens against judges, prosecutors and others, claiming that money was owed to them as compensation. 
In April 1996, Roeder was arrested in Topeka after Shawnee County sheriff’s deputies stopped him for not having a proper license plate. In his car, officers said they found ammunition, a blasting cap, a fuse cord, a one-pound can of gunpowder and two 9-volt batteries, with one connected to a switch that could have been used to trigger a bomb. . . .” (quoted from above link)

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