Thursday, November 19, 2015

A false battle against Islam

All the analysts highlighted the failure of the French security services on that tragic day of November 13th. The primary cause of this failure, more than inefficiency, is related to the  French political and administrative class' cultural inability to go back to the profound causes of terrorism and of the proper remedies to combat it.

The terrorism that is flooding the world today is the child of the ‘89 Revolution as well as the long series of professional revolutionaries: Anarchists, socialists and communists, who, between the 19th and 20th centuries practiced violence en masse and perpetrated the first genocides in the history of mankind. The so-called fundamentalists, have grafted the European experience of terrorism onto the trunk of an intrinsically totalitarian ideology -- which Islam is -- a political religion which has always imposed itself with violence.

The plan to insert Islam into Republican values can only come forth from the mind of those who refuse to understand the historical role of the religious dimension and reduce everything to economic conflicts or politics. This mentality is at the origin of the astounding errors which united Sarkozy’s and Hollande’s France and the United States of Barrack Hussein Obama in their Mediterranean  policies.  (more...)

If De Mattei doesn't make it clear enough, here is a detailed account of the fascism that has colonized "Islam":

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