Monday, November 30, 2015

SS Connections to the British Royal Family


In the aftermath of Princess Diana’s untimely death, much attention has been focused on the British Royal family and its various scandals and shortcomings (real, alleged and perceived.) This program presents information that surfaced in the mid 1980s that is of a very different nature and has been generally overlooked. Inlaws and blood relatives of the British monarchs (like many members of the elite elements of various nations) were sympathetic to and, in some cases, deeply involved with the fascist powers of Europe in the World War II period. In recent years, information has come to light concerning the then-Duke of Windsor’s close relationship with and admiration for Adolf Hitler (this is not the current Duke of Windsor.) Other members of the Royal family held similar sentiments and a couple of them married members of Hitler’s SS. In addition to these connections, the program also discusses the Netherlands’ Queen Juliana and her marriage to Prince Bernhard, a “former” SS officer and a spy for the Nazi I.G. Farben chemical company.



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