Monday, November 30, 2015

Officer adamant he didn’t fatally shoot Sammy Yatim in anger

Police with guns drawn confront Sammy Yatim, visible in first window, on a
Toronto streetcar in July 2013.
TORONTO — Toronto Police Constable James Forcillo has calmly dismissed suggestions that he was angry and lost his temper when he shot Sammy Yatim eight times.

Forcillo was being cross-examined for a second day by prosecutor Milan Rupic, who accused the 32-year-old officer of acting “as if you were alone with him (Forcillo) in an alleyway and you were backed up against the wall.”

He is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder and attempted murder in the July 27, 2013, shooting of Yatim.

Rupic even suggested that Forcillo’s partner, Iris Fleckeisen, a 22-year veteran who quickly holstered her gun seconds after the pair arrived on scene, was so fed up with Forcillo’s constant shouted commands that “she turns her back on you and walks away.”  (more...)

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