Monday, August 26, 2013

Illinois system fails to protect students from abuse

Chemistry teacher and cheerleading coach Mark Krockover was reprimanded over his conduct toward female students, but it took several years before Maine Township High School District 207 tried to fire him.
The school board cited "immoral and cruel conduct," alleging Krockover rubbed the legs, thighs and backs of girls, caressed their arms and shoulders and kissed them on the head, causing many to quit cheerleading. He allegedly emailed and texted students, visited some at their jobs and even bought some girls bikinis and designer jeans, records state.
Ultimately, Krockover, 43, of Park Ridge, was allowed to resign. The school district paid him $60,000 as part of his "resignation agreement," stored disciplinary records in a confidential file and agreed to tell future employers he resigned for "personal reasons," according to district records.
In March 2011 — more than three years after his resignation and after repeated delays and legal challenges — the state suspended Krockover's license to teach for 30 months. He will be eligible to return to the classroom this fall.  (more...)

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