Thursday, August 22, 2013

Abortion: Unmasking the Demon

It is true that fatherhood is the main target of Satan’s forces, but his is a multi-pronged strategy
which includes the destruction of motherhood and childhood. This is blatant in abortions.
The spiritual dimension of abortion, based on our faith, must be addressed along with the medical, legal, political, and psychological aspects of this social aberration. We have to see beneath the exterior human activities in order to appraise the sinister aspect of distorted spiritual realities that are motivating the obvious. Then observe the corrective means directed by divine providence. Many refuse to face the facts and actually camouflage the reality to make it palatable to their deformed consciences.

That is the problem with politicians who claim to be Catholic, but whose actions show otherwise. They are to being Catholic what margarine is to being butter: mere appearance, essentially different, a label without content.

A clear idea of what results when evil pervades a society is needed. This concerns the justice of God, because our denial of his rights by sin is a denial of his rightful glory.  (more...)

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